My innovation journey began with my first corporate job. I was spending six hours a day copying and pasting formulas in a spreadsheet. Within a year I had taught myself advance Excel skills, how to program an Access database, and had completely automated my work. Six hours became twenty minutes, not just me but also my five teammates. 

This enabled our team to expand our services and still handle 100x growth in our existing work. I've been a boot strap innovator ever since.

I've been an innovator in every corporate job I've ever held. I've supplemented my hands-on experience with extensive research into the tools and methods of innovation and adjacent fields of leadership, collaboration, marketing, human behavior, social systems, and technology. 

And that leaves me where I am today.

I solve problems. Or build systems that solve problems. Or teach people to solve problems and build systems to solve problems.

I welcome anybody who wants to join my journey or invite me on their journey. Let's innovate together.